High-Quality Intellectual Property, Crafted for Global Adaptation and Distribution


I love to write and I love to build worlds.

I also love business.

And one of the first things any business person learns is that no matter how much you love your craft, if you want to grow, you need partners.

Here’s what I would do in an ideal world:

  • Write highly-polished manuscripts and accompanying world-building documents
  • Fully manage author-level marketing
  • Steer an overall IP management and growth strategy

I am interested in working with agents and publishers to manage the various other aspects of my intellectual property.

Ideally, any prospective agent or publisher would have at least one or more of the following:

  • A track record of successfully launching, managing, and growing fantasy novel IP, in either digital or print format, in any of the major global book markets
  • Expertise in licencing written IP for visual or interactive formats (TV, Games, Movies, Board Games, Comics, etc.)
  • Experience in managing translation projects
  • Expertise in the production, launching, and growing, of audio book offerings across multiple retail platforms
  • The ability to manage an integrated publishing effort across multiple platforms, in multiple formats, in multiple territories
  • An understanding of targeted marketing investment and a loathing of playing IP blockbuster roulette
  • Anything else that would help me either grow the value of my IP or profitably extract value from it

If this sounds like you then I’d love to talk.

— LeadVonE (James)