Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches

Chapter Forty-five is Now Live + A new home for DP&SW Fan Works!

Chapter forty-five of Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches is now officially up and available on all platforms — fanfiction.com, AO3, and LeadVonE.com

Title: Hermione’s Quest — Part Two
Words: 12,500
Teaser: Hermione’s mission to help Harry uncover the mystery of the Hogwarts sea-cave continues. Meanwhile, the various members of the wizarding elite continue to angle for advantage over the Muggle Protection Act.

Also, the first chapter 46 draft part (Hermione’s Quest — Part 3) is already up and available through the LeadVonE discord server.

And finally, we now have a brand new home for all the fan works (omakes, art, essays, etc) readers over at the discord channel have been pumping out, which are, by the way, awesome. You can now find all those works over at fanfic.leadvone.com

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