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If you need to contact me for any reason not listed below, feel free to write me an e-mail via the form shown. Otherwise, please use the contact method on the appropriate page.

PLEASE READ: Questions regarding specific plot elements, characters, or other in-world elements of my stories will not be answered or responded to, but will be put into a pile that I may answer on the Mastering Power Fantasy Podcast.

These questions are best directed to our fan-run discord community who will more than likely be happy to discuss such questions in minute detail.

I also do not do unsolicited writing critiques. If you need specific writing advice, or advice on how to further your writing craft, consider becoming a coaching client.

My PO Box

If you want/need to send me anything physical, you can do that here. I generally check it every few months. Normal PO Box restrictions apply.

PO Box 61157
Kato, Paphos 8131