How to be Part of my Writing Journey

The Single Best Way to Contribute is by Becoming a Patron

I will always continue to write as a hobby, but all the support I get on Patreon allows me to put in more time than I otherwise could. Plus, there are many extra benefits available!

  • Three membership tiers from $5 to $25 a month
  • Early access to news, the podcast, draft chapters, and artwork*
  • Limited-edition art prints, signed books, and in-print dedications.
*Early access content does not include any of my fan-fiction. My fan-fiction work will always be, and has always been, 100% free and will never be gated behind any kind of paywall at any point of it’s creation.

Join the Fan-Run Discord Community

Started by a small group of dedicated fans back in 2017, the LeadVonE discord server has since grown to over 2,400 members, discussing and dissecting everything I write in extreme detail. It can be a little intimidating at times, but it sure keeps me on my toes.

  • Dedicated discussion channels for each of my projects, as well as editing and corrections channels for any typos or mistakes
  • Early access to DP&SW chapters and the hidden minor-updates channel
  • Exclusive, patron-only channels and custom patron-tier name colours
  • Monthly book club
  • Non-LeadVonE specific channels for other fan-fiction, books, media, technical, and general off-topic discussion.

Follow me on Twitch for Live Writing, Editing, and Recording

I started streaming on twitch to get live feedback from my audio editors as I recorded the DP&SW Audio Book. People liked it and soon it had spiraled into opening up my processes on many other levels too. My main focus now is streaming the editing of my work from the many corrections made by my readers on discord.

  • Semi-regular live editing/recording streams
  • Insights into my thought process as I go about crafting a story
  • Confirmation/rejection of proposed edits from Discord
  • Long discussions about tiny details of spelling and grammar
  • General geeking out about anything writing related