Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches

Richard Struggle — Evacuate the Masquerade

Book Zero — Evacuate the Masquerade

Every secret society fears discovery. That’s why they’re a secret society. When a prophecy declares that the hidden community of mages is soon to be discovered, they decide not to wait for nuclear annihilation and instead leave Earth for the brand new world of Creakylid. Unfortunately for the mage's leaders, discovery wasn’t the only thing the prophecy foretold, and now every mage with a smidgin of ambition is blindly competing to be the ambiguously defined ‘chosen one’.

Into this barely controlled free-for-all walks Richard Struggle, the prospective woodworking hero who decided that his heroic competitive edge would be damn good logistics, because, as he told the first pretty girl he met on his journey, “What’s the point of striding heroically off over the horizon if you run out of food and have to heroically stride all the way back?"

Price: $1.47 (or regional equivalent)
Word count: 27,000